Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Year Eve in Shanghai

It was New Year Eve when one of my college buddies came visiting me in Shanghai. Talking about this friend of mine, he is seriously one of the most hilarious person I have ever met.

Four days before his supposedly arrival date, he told me that he wanted to come to Shanghai.

Three days before his arrival, he told his parents about him wanting to come to Shanghai.

Two days, he bought the tickets.

The day before his arrival, he forgot about his visa!

Therefore, he had to postpone his flight!


That night, he joined my roommates and I for New Year Eve dinner at Lynn that serves Shanghai cuisine. It is a great place to dine with your family and friends but, definitely not for dates.


After dinner, we had a pre-New Year Eve party at ours. Booze, countdown, fireworks, awesome!

DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0037 DSC_0038 It was around midnight when we were all ready to parrrtayyyy at 1933. The place is huge and I love the interior. The most important is the party was all-so-hella-awesome when the music stopped for quite some time. It was really shit though. The crowd was really pissed that they smashed the chairs and tables, making their own music.


To calm the crowd, the club offered free drinks. Smart move but not for long. Eventually, they started the music again for about half an hour before they stopped the music..again! This time we were really pissed that we decided to go to the next place, The Shelter.


I could not believe I was out until 06:00hrs! Undeniably, it was a great night :)

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