Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Dinner@Tairyo Teppanyaki

Here comes my third teppanyaki for the month, hooray! It was The Giesen Brothers’ last dinner in Shanghai. They were bound to catch their flight back to Germany the next morning.

To be honest, I really miss Stefan. Of course, Christian too but, in those three months, Stefan had been like my ideal daddy at home. I shared almost everything with him and trust me, he is like the rarest gentle guy living on earth! I miss those fatherly hugs now...

IMG_4779Okay, let’s get back to this post, shall we? In my third teppanyaki, I had loads of prawns/shrimps/whatever, my favourite! Yumm! Thinking about it now make me drool. Should do another teppanyaki in April.

IMG_4784Kai, Christian and Stefan. The three tall guys at home. They are like the Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower and World Financial Trade Center.

IMG_4787 Us and the chef. Seriously, I believe I go to this branch too often that even the chefs and waitresses recognise me! lol!


Us only :)

The dinner was great and it was Christian’s treat. Thank you very much!

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