Monday, March 8, 2010

Housewarming Party

Finally one of my favourite posts, housewarming party at mine! My roommate had been waiting for this day for weeks! Poor thing. Eventually I kept my word and we had a great housewarming party!

IMG_4192 The happy hosts!

IMG_4173 It started out this small amount of people. It was nice (but ain’t enough). We could talk and listen with no difficulty. The best thing was we had more than enough space to move around. Why? You will find out soon…


More people came after some time..

IMG_4210 ..and it started to get really crowded..


..and trust me, I had difficulty to move around my own house! Small living room is at fault!


However, the party was undeniable awesome. I drew a world map though. It was so bad as The United Kingdom, France as well as New Zealand were left out! Still, you can’t deny that my drawing is still awesome, eh?


kenwooi said...

yeah.. quite nice drawing.. and USA is a little slim =P

Fumoffu said...

It's alright. Obama does not mind :P

伊意思 (YeeAsee) said...

it seems like u cant move at all @.@ lol, who is the food provider @.@

Fumoffu said...

We've got no food lol! We had snacks and drinks! The most important is booooooze! Alcohol!!