Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Christmas Eve in Shanghai

Christmas Eve post, yay! This means that December-backdated posts are coming to an end! Alrighty then. Frankly speaking, it was my first Christmas Eve celebration in my entire life! I mean I did go to church and such on Christmas Eve night but, it is not sitting-down-having-dinner-together type of celebration!

I must say it was a great night. Thanks for one of my babez, Ying, who invited me over to hers to have Christmas Eve dinner with her roommates.


Guess what’s for dinner? We had French cuisine that night! Ying’s French roommate, Justine, and Justine’s friends who came visiting from France, prepared the night’s meal! Double awesome, ya?


Looks yummy?

IMG_4257 The only salad that I had!



You are supposed to eat those with a toast. Man, I’m missing it.



The main dishes were awesome too!


We ended the meal with Ying’s homemade brownies. It was a lovely dinner :)

Hopefully I can have another Christmas Eve in Shanghai…

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