Monday, March 15, 2010

Shanghai Museum

IMG_4369Adrian and I are the worst travel companions. None of us woke up early that morning. And we chose the wrong day to visit Shanghai Museum. The queue was really long. See how unhappy he was! Bad Shanghai.


This is the museum’s interior. There are four floors with three to four galleries each floor.


Chinese Currency Gallery


Chinese Ming and Qing Furniture Gallery


Ancient Chinese Jade Gallery


Chinese Seal Gallery

IMG_4442 Chinese Calligraphy Gallery


Chinese Painting Gallery


Ancient Chinese Ceramics Gallery

IMG_4485 IMG_4483

However, we missed Ancient Chinese Bronze Gallery and Ancient Chinese Sculpture Gallery. Aforementioned, Adrian and I are the worst travel companions. We reached there around 3ish and the museum starts to kick visitors out around 5.30pm and therefore, I will definitely be back again!


kenwooi said...

musuems are a fun place to be.. i find it fun to visit them.. not the ones in msia tho =P

Fumoffu said...

Haha! I really want to visit Sex Museum but the one in Shanghai was closed last year. But there's another one somewhere in China lol!