Monday, March 22, 2010

James’ and JR’s Farewell@Tairyo Teppanyaki

For the third time of the month, I went for dinner at Tairyo Teppanyaki but this time, for once, is at the different branch. However, the reason was pretty much the same: farewells. Double farewells, boo! That night was an American pair dudes’ farewell. Will come to that later. First, let me introduce my new found love in that restaurant:

IMG_4673 Ox tongue! This dish entered my list in an instant! Yum!

Okay, coming back; this pair of American dudes I know in Shanghai.




..and JR.

I met my German date through James, met James through JR and first met JR here. They are all linked lol! It was a good night :)


kenwooi said...

americans in shanghai.. interesting =)

Fumoffu said...

Yeahh.. Shanghai is like an international hub so you get to meet ALL the people in the world. Well, almost all hah!