Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Drinks@Zapata’s

That night was The Giesen Brothers’ last free-flow of beer at Zapata’s. Also, it was the day when I finally had my second massive burger at Blue Frog for dinner in Shanghai. The first and last time I had last year was around in September. Check out the size of it here. Yeah, I had that for dinner and it was fucking awesome!

After dinner, I was caught in a dilemma whether to go meet the brothers at Zapata’s. Flashbacks flowed into my mind when I was waiting for the train and guess what? I turned around and took a different train to Zapata’s.

IMG_4746Since it was half an hour to the end of free-flow of mixed drinks for ladies, I walked and jogged all the way to Zapata’s. Didn’t have my water bottle with me, I had 3 go’s of Vodka lemonade when I got there which got me really tipsy sooner than I normally would.

It was a fun night and these were what we did that night lol!

IMG_4761 IMG_4762 Pouting faces..



..and funny faces

It was truly legen..wait for it..dary!

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