Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ying’s Birthday@Tairyo Teppanyaki

This was my fourth and last teppanyaki for the month. Gosh, four? It’s 150 yuan for one and since I did one for free, I spent 450 yuan on teppanyaki in January! That’s not pretty.


It was one of my babes’ birthday. Seeeee, she looks so excited and happy in the picture.

IMG_4834See that “camp fire”? That’s the special performance by the chefs here. I love it, only during Winter. You could feel your face burnt!

IMG_4846 Ladies and gentlemen, do get this, alright? It’s awesome!

IMG_4847 And my oh my, Angelina hasn’t changed, ya? Still a food person as well as ice-cream person. I had seven scoops of ice-cream that night. The waitress specially made this for me when I personally asked for three more scoops of ice-cream.

IMG_4854 Since it is all-you-can-eat-and-drink, we kept sake coming so, most of us were pretty much drunk when we headed to the next place, JZ Club.

Unfortunately for Jeff, he was knackered and fell asleep in the club and guess what we did to him?



Very lol, right?

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