Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fuck My Life


Everything just went so wrong today. Basically, I kinda screwed my night up the night before so don’t make me talk about it. Therefore, I was hoping to have a great Saturday but it sort of turned up quite bad for me.

Seriously, what is wrong?

I went to the police station to register a new temporary resident permit but guess what? I got myself into a deep pile of shit. I should have registered once I landed Shanghai. Damnit! I can be so Godpapa damnit stupid that it is unbelievable!

500RMB fine.

Imagine me saying ‘I ain’t paying shit!

Well, not that I said it right to the policemen’s face. Poor thing would not have a single clue on what I was saying and it would be a waste of my saliva.

Anyway, like I’d said before, shits ain’t shits. You still have to move on and live your life. There is no time for you to waste, sitting down, whining about it.

Solutions time!

There were a few things that I could do that would not need to pay that huge amount of money. I had to check-in at a youth hostel nearby. Just for a night. Fortunately, there’s one youth hostel just outside where I am staying. Duh! I ain’t sleeping there lol! Spent 65RMB on that but it is far better than 500RMB, ya?

Hope things will work out.

Shall see about it when tomorrow comes...


Victor Tan said...

No offence, but just wanna say, you cannot simply say "F your life" okay. You only live life once, and you should appreciate it when you begin to look at others' sufferings, rather than cursing your own life.

Fumoffu said...

Chill Victor. It's just a way to express and guess what? I'm all gooooood and living my life to the fullest :P Load of shit happened but I'm taking it bravely. However, there are times you need to release too. Have a good day, Victor!