Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Double D

Alright, let’s cut all the emo posts crap and bullshit. My life ain’t dull and boring, alright? September 4th was one of the fun nights that I managed to make it happen. It was especially awesome when most of us could make it and we only talked about it a few days just before ‘the’ night! Such a short period of time and we managed to make it happen. Awesome, no?

The last time we had this girly-girl gathering was almost 2 years ago here. It was so long ago, right?

That Saturday, we had everyone to meet at Sunway Pyramid to have dinner and then, drinks to end the night. We had dinner at Bubba Gump. I did not take lunch that day and I was so hungry that I trembled in hunger. Pity me but the dinner was great and I was more than satisfied. Behold the food!


Mei Yee had dinner with her family so she was not able to join us and therefore, it was just us at dinner. However, she promised to join us for drinks after her dinner though.

Oh, and what’s with that ‘Stop Forrest Stop’? Damn those waiters and waitresses. They were really rude. One of them sent  our food to our table and since we did not have enough eating utensils, we asked from him or her, I don’t remember which gender and guess what we were told? We were told to flip to ‘Stop Forrest Stop’ when we needed them. C’mon, we were doing them a favour not coming to our table countless time. They were really busy but still, they should still keep their manners, right? So remember, if you are dining there, just utilise ‘Stop Forrest Stop’ and ‘Run Forrest Run’.

After food, I have no idea how long we hang around at the place, taking pictures here and there, even after we paid the bills. In fact, that’s what girls will do with girls, right? We just lurveeeee cameras. We hit @live Bar for drinks after we were finally satisfied with the amount of pictures we took.

We bought a bottle of Smirnoff and started to indulge ourselves with drinks and live music. I love the place. It is simple and nice, where you can chill and relax, enjoying or sing along live music with your friends. I believe the people I met in Shanghai will love this place BUT not the music. I am definitely sure they will say the music sucks to the max!

The most awesome thing happened next was we bought ourselves shots. We just couldn’t get enough drinks, could we? To be honest, that night was legendary and it was fun and different to hang out and drink with girls only, compared to having some dudes around us.

I am definitely looking forward to our next gathering but I guess, it is going to be a healthier one, eh?

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