Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Long Lost Friends

It was a Facebook status update that made everything happened. From a simple Facebook status update to planning an event to making it happen. All these happened in such a short period of time regardless the number of people that are able to make it. We closed it to meet at Pavilion for a simple dinner to catch up and such. The turn up was better than I had expected though.


Most of us changed a lot from the last time we met. There were people that I had not met for almost 5 years. Can you believe that? Until now, I cannot believe how time can fly really fast.


The last time I met Jennie was few months ago, when I just got back from Shanghai. As for Ching, I guess the last time we met was during this year’s Chinese New Year. Letty? Let me think, I think the last time we hung out was 3 years ago, woah! Fyi, she is my brother’s girlfriend and yet, it has already been 3 years. Time can be really terrifying.


The last time I met Mr. Pilot on the left was about 3 years ago as well, if I am not mistaken. In contrast, the last time I met Mr. Bank on the right was like what, more than 5 years ago? I did not even know he left to Melbourne to pursue his Masters. Now that’s funny. I remember he was taking his Masters but I did not know he was already in Melbourne when he told me so. Guess I never asked?

But it’s all good that everyone is coming back Malaysia. However, it is not a surprise to find everyone not working in Sibu. Sibu is a good place for home but it is not a good place for you if you are seeking for more and better opportunities. That is the major reason why I am here too though a little bit different.

I plan to settle down in this big city.

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