Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wookibooki Post #01

Dude, I sincerely want to befriend you. If you are not feeling the same way as I do and fucking around with me, then fuck off!

Or so I wish to say. Or not.

We knew each other approximately four years ago but we had never met each other. Other than posted messages on each other’s walls, sooner or later, we stopped doing it. He was upset over a harsh break up at that time. But I guess he does not remember me.

It was about last year when I was surprised to see him appeared on Facebook but we didn’t speak to each other, just like another name in the list. However, we started contacted each other recently. It was ‘Shanghai’ that brought me to initiate the chat. He had been to Shanghai few months ago. He is a flirtatious guy, I shall say.

But it is not that bad. I am in a recovery stage and whenever I had a bad day, he, unconsciously, made it better. August 17th, 2010 was the day he made a big smile on my face. However, it was such a disappointment a few days after, lol. Still, what matters most is how each day ends.

I am afraid to meet him for the first time as neither do I want my image of him nor his image of me to be spoilt. Oh well, I should just go with the flow since I am having fun at the moment.


伊意思 (YeeAsee) said...

*whistle* If he check ur FB site, he will know lots about u, u will be the true u infront of him, no worries abt image? :)

Fumoffu said...

Thanks, Michelle. And babe, it's time for us to meet up! lol.. Do you have my number?