Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roller Revival!

It was two Fridays ago when I finally had a proper night out in Shanghai. It’s been a long time since I had a late and crazy one. One of our kiwi friends told us about this roller disco and people were expected to dress up in 80’s that night.

I thought it was just another type of party. However, I was so wrong. We literally had to wear roller skates, holding boozes and dance! Sounds awesome, right?

There was a person who had never skated roller skate before and imagine she had alcohol beforehand. Yeah, that’s me. I suck in roller skating plus, I was intoxicated! It was hilarious! However, no doubt I had a great night.

IMG_5721 We started pre-drinking at Calvin’s. Most of them really went all out in dressing up! Wigs, moustaches.




We met up with more people at the place itself. It wasn’t that packed when we reached there and therefore, we traded in our shoes with the roller skates fast enough (at the end of the night, there weren’t many roller skates left for people and it was hella packed).

I managed to skate, just for a little bit but it was still entertaining enough. The most hilarious event happened at the end of the night.

I missed a kiwi guy’s call and so, I went out and called him back.

Guess what happened after I hung up my mobile phone?

I just walked towards a cab, got into it and went back home when I still had some friends back inside the place lol!

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