Sunday, May 9, 2010

Drinking Friday at Yves’

It has been three weeks since the last time I had an alcohol intake. However, it was that special day when I decided to go and have a drinking night with my friends in Shanghai. We set out drinking venue at Yves’ place.

IMG_5498Before we started drinking, we had fooooooood.


Appetiser? Sour plum tomato and trust me, it was really good. It’s funny that I do not eat tomatoes back in Malaysia but only in Australia and China. Weird, eh?


Homemade nachos and it was really good too. It may not be as great as the one I had before at Cantina Agave but it’s cheap and still good. Cheap is all that matters to us as most of us are already facing financial crisis. Surviving in Shanghai with such petty pay ain’t easy.

IMG_5508 Taiwanese sausage and guess what we ate it with? Apple! Can you believe it? And it’s amazing! Hot Taiwanese sausage with cooling apple, great combination! No kidding. Try this at home!


Now behold our Very Important Drink for the night: VODKA! Well, Kafka is a cheap shit so the drink is shit but it’s better to have shit than nothing, right? After all, cheap is all that matters to us. We are broke but we still want to drink so, get over it.

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