Friday, May 14, 2010

Eidy’s Farewell@L.Vannamei

One of our colleagues left the company last week. Yay to that! I am happy not because I hate her but because she had made the right choice to leave the place. She had been working in the company for two years and it’s time for her to continue learning and growing in the next phase.

To celebrate her resignation, she treated us to a dinner and the food was really good.

IMG_5653 Chicken curry that comes with rice..

IMG_5656..some weird eggplants..


..and chicken balls, perhaps?

IMG_5662 Then we had shrimps..

IMG_5663 and frogs?


A pizza..

IMG_5659 ..and a cigar-lookalike-spring rolls.


Apart we had great food for the evening, we had a nice glass of Sangria. And we had already made a plan to drink more at Barbarossa since it was the ladies’ night that night. It was a good night I should say though I only had a glass or two or mixed drinks before I headed home.

If you had realised, Shanghai pampers ladies too much that we have ladies night everyday! Awesome, right?


papabear said...

the eggplant looks interesting...

Fumoffu said...

yeah, it does but it's still delicious. not that bad..