Sunday, May 16, 2010

Terry’s Treat

It was one of those rare Friday nights when all of us got lashed together. Bonus, it was Terry’s treat with him booked a KTV room. Free food, vodka and music. Everything was perfect!

IMG_5672It was around midnight when we chased out of our KTV room. Terry had left earlier before then. They didn’t want to end the night just that and wanted to head to a club. However, Eidy could not join us longer and headed back home.


And as for me? I was making a bet. Since there were five of us, I would head home if the cab driver was not willing to take us in in one cab.

IMG_5674Surprisingly the cabie was willing to drive all of us to our destination. It was inevitable that I should join them and I didn’t regret it! We had a great dance and to Yves who managed to get us free drinks from random Chinese. He’s awesome! A real party-goer lol!

IMG_5675Unfortunately, thanks to World EXPO 2010, all clubs were to shut down by 2am. It didn’t kill our party spirit. We decided to get more boozes and crash Szu’s. I didn’t know about the others but in my case, I was so drunk that I fell asleep on a couch in the living room until the next morning.

It wasn’t a good sleep but, it was indeed a great night.

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