Sunday, October 4, 2009

Prem’s Farewell@LAN Bar

Okayyy.. I should have posted this up one month ago. Due to terrible proxy and China blocked every website that does not end with ‘dot cn’, it’s almost impossible for me to update my blog as frequent as I could back in Malaysia :S



So yeah, Prem is a very cool Australian guy I met in Shanghai. And cool people always leave Shanghai sooner than you could have imagined! I first met Prem at LAN Bar and coincidentally, that is where I’m going to see him for the last time in Shanghai.


They are my housemates, The Palace’s representatives. They are leaving soon though. In fact, one had left and another one is leaving tomorrow.


So, here’s the picture of me with the great people I met in Shanghai whom had left and is leaving me alone in Shanghai.


kenwooi said...

wah.. china block all those sites without dot cn??? O.O

anyway, enjoy yourself.. you'll meet more great people along the way! =)

Fumoffu said...

well, not all but most of them lol!

yeah, that's why i've been enjoying myself a lot over here :)