Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shanghai Jing’an Sculpture Park

Went to this park with a close friend of mine. The name of this park sounds great. It gave you the impression of ‘Wooo! There are going to be numerous of sculptures in the park!’



But honestly, it isn’t as great as its name. Above are the only three sculptures in the park. Still, we had a few sources of entertainment for the day.

IMG_2457One, poor Ayi, who must have had worked her ass off. Is that a rubbish bin beside her? O.o


Two, interesting kid with an interesting pose :D


And three, a douchebag that we encountered when we were leaving the park lol!


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kenwooi said...

woah.. nice sculptures!
i wanna take photos! haha.. =P

Fumoffu said...

ahhh.. you sure you want to take photos with crappy 3 sculptures? lol! i left the camera and i had to turn back and get it. but i regretted for doing that lol!