Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fumo Update #08


Thought I could have my favourite food in Shanghai for dinner, green curry beef/chicken/pork. Unfortunately, green curry was out of stock that night and it was replaced with yellow curry. Sad. Definitely go back there to have my favourite green curry! Rawr!


Rakki’s farewell dinner at Hot Pot. It seems to me that that is her favourite place. I’m just guessing. However, no doubt, Hot Pot is definitely the best choice of food during winter.



Szu’s unofficial house warming party and Windows Scoreboard after to meet up with Sam’s friends who came to Shanghai for vacation, Dave-O (far left) and Nick (next to Dave-O). No doubt, it was a great night and that’s the night that I got myself really drunk!


kenwooi said...

the first pic is making me hungry.. and the last pic, you're redddd =P

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Fumoffu said...

Hahaha! It's really delicious though :D And yeah, my face is the reddest among the rest :S They can really drink lol!