Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Company Bonding: Futsal


It was Sunday, one month ago, when we had to work. It sux to work on Sunday but, things turned out good when we had futsal after work with everyone in the company. As shown in the picture above, these are the people that I will be working with throughout my whole one-year internship in Shanghai.

DSC_3687Basically, it’s The International Team vs The Programmer Team. I’m from The International Team, obviously. And guess what? We only had six players, including me (yes, me!), and two cheerleaders lol! I can make a good goalkeeper, you see. Anyway, we were supposed to earn one point more than our opponent but due to some sort of unreasonable reasons, we had a tie.

DSC_3699 Anyhow, no matter which team won the game, we still had free dinner that night lol! Though Szechuan Cuisine is not my kind of food, I did not have to pay a cent for it and that made my day as well. See! We all looked so happy!


And let me introduce the Chief Executive Officer (right) and the President (left) of the company that I am currently working at. And the real boss of our team is the one on the left. He was an AIESECer and did AIESEC Traineeship as well. Pretty cool, huh?


kenwooi said...

haha.. i suck at kicking balls!
keep enjoying yourself! =)


Fumoffu said...

haha.. me too! i played volleyball in secondary school so, i'm not afraid of balls flying towards me. that's why i could make a good gollie lol! at least that's what i think