Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fumo Update #07


It does feel good to have lunch together-gether with your colleagues :)


Had all you can eat buffet at Origus Pizza Buffet with some of my colleagues.


Round #01: the pizza at the far right is my favourite

IMG_2480 Round #02: the ones with the sticks are my favourite as well

IMG_2481 Round #03: ewww.. disgusting!

IMG_2482 Round #04: except for Tiramisu


The rubbish!



Had dinner with our bosses as well as our client, a CEO. Another free (and great) dinner, yay! And guess what? We had Malaysian/Singaporean cuisine and it was really good! I really miss Malaysian Food now :(


Headed to Windows Scoreboard later to meet up with Rubens. It was his birthday. And, ladies and gentlemen, the tequila above was his birthday treat. It’s good!


kenwooi said...

wow you ate so much..
did you grow horizontally since you went to shanghai? haha.. =P


Fumoffu said...

Haha.. Not until when my mom *sobs*