Thursday, October 8, 2009


It has already been two months since I started a new life in Shanghai. Truthfully, that is the biggest and hardest decision I had made in my life – to leave my home country! It’s totally different from you making a decision to study abroad. When you had decided to work abroad, you are totally on your own. And what’s worse, I’m now working in Shanghai. This place ain’t a laid-back place to stay. Worse than Kuala Lumpur, I dare say (except it’s a lot safer here lol). They pay you peanut and the living expenses here is really high. It’s definitely a concrete forest! Skyscrapers are everywhere! It’s as if the buildings are competing with each other on who’s taller and whatever there is to compete with. It’s a very challenging place to live in and that’s the reason I’m still struggling to survive here.

To be honest, a lot of shit happened ever since I landed Shanghai and yeah, I realised that I had never shared a single one of them here. It seems to all of you that I have been leading a great and happening life here. Yes, I will not deny that but, the problem is, leading a great and happening life here does not mean there ain’t shit going on! You see, the concept is that the greater and the more happening your life is, the more shit that are going on as well! It’s ironic I know, but that’s how life is. That’s how it works.

I have to say that I do learn and change a lot during my stay here. Change for better or worse? I have to find out. I’ve been really different from who I was before I left my country. For better or worse? That’s another thing for me to find out as well.

One thing I do know for sure is that I grow tougher and more independent. I am really proud of what I had done here. Shit happened and I managed to solve it my own. Never shed a single tear. But well, I moaned and that’s it!

I’m really complicated, or am I not? I don’t understand myself! Hopefully, I can know who ‘Angelina’ is. Not today. Not tomorrow. And definitely, not the day after tomorrow. Perhaps it may take me years or never for me to discover who she really is!

Who is ‘Angelina’? How is she?

It’s not an easy task to understand her but I’ve got to do it!


ShanghaiSnackBoy said...

i didn't know....

Kelvin said...

Whatever happens, u will become stronger after ur studies...just like when my mum told me i will be a 'man' after NS for 2 years...

Studying is the best part of city dwellers' life^^

kenwooi said...

Angeline is the author of this blog. And she's doing fine in Shanghai. =)

Fumoffu said...

Lewis: I didn't realise you have a blog there. Still using it? The last post you posted is April xD

Kelvin: Hmmm.. I'm not studying, actually. I'm currently working :D Still, thanks :)

Ken: Thanks =)