Friday, October 16, 2009

Lewis’ and Rakki’s Farewell@Barbarossa

Wanted to post this up ages ago but, I was really busy so, I didn’t get to do it until now. Lewis and Rakki, great mates as well as my housemates, had their farewell at Barbarossa a week before they left Shanghai.

IMG_2952 I feel blessed for knowing them. They are fun to be with and we always had good times together especially when we got to spend more time to know each other during our trip to Nanjing.


Much to my surprise, the turn up was good. There were a number of local AIESECers as well as the interns who are still in Shanghai. What’s best was my colleagues were there with me.


We really had fun together ie. posed ‘L’ when taking a group picture, much to Szu’s and Ellwyn’s surprise when seeing drunk Sam, capturing pictures of secretbetweenszuellwynandi.

It sucks when you got to know a number of cool people ever since you landed a new place and before you knew, they’re leaving really soon..


Kennee said...

Farewells are always the toughest...
Btw... already nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here... ^^

kenwooi said...

your face so red! =P

goingkookies said...

why they r leaving? if u dun mind me asking??

u'll be there til?

haha.. yes.. lots of asians tend to have red faces after drinking..

Fumoffu said...

Kennee: Yeah, indeed :( And thanks :)

Ken: Hahaha! It's a good thing! Meaning I'm a good person lol!

Goingkookies: Well, they finished their internship in Shanghai so, that's why they left :) I am undergoing 1 year internship in Shanghai but if I like my job, I may work here permanently, perhaps. :)