Monday, October 19, 2009

Mission: In Search of Football

It was around three in morning when I went to the toilet and checked on my laptop. At that moment, I went to chat with one of my colleagues. Yes, freaking three in the morning! But because of that chat, I had something to do the next day other than buying purchasing train tickets.


As stated in the title of this post, our mission for the day was to buy a football. Why? Stay tuned for the upcoming post. I know I had been updating backdated posts lately and I really am sorry about that. It still far better than no updates, ya?

DSC_3498Met up with Billy and Ellwyn at the designated location, got on a bus and off we went to our destination. Ellwyn brought us to this street that is near to where he’s currently studying. It’s really cheap to spend here.


I bought a facial cleanser (The Face Shop) for only 20RMB! The Face Shop products sold in Malaysia ain’t this cheap! I was so tempted to but fortunately, I managed to control my spending so, I bought only one. What a surprise, ya?


We didn’t get our football there but instead we left the place empty handed, we took a model picture somewhere along the streets. We did get our football at the end of the day so, yeah, it’s still a nice day especially I got to explore a bit of Shanghai during the day. I mostly go out at night, you see.


kenwooi said...

fomo is a poser eh.. haha..
nice pictures anyway..
wanna play football izzit? =)

Fumoffu said...

Hehe.. I will pose when I am in the right mood :D
Well, it's not football. It's basketball! Believe it or not? LOL!