Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nuffnang cuts earnings?

Can earnings be deducted?

I know that I had not been an active blogger for the past one week but I was not aware that my earnings will be deducted T_T

It took me so long to even earn a 50 cents and more than 100 cents already been deducted *sobs*


Chester Chin said...

Nuffnang cut earnings? Is that true?

akaneko said...

weird :S mine didnt had been deduct even for a year of no update.. lol.

WTJ said...

it depends on your traffic and also the number of advertisemnet clicks by your readers (sometime). nuffnang is a bit slow with their updates.

清逸 said...

ha??? i dunno tat wor...
wat i know is the pay is much lower than another advert company >.<

Fumoffu said...

Chester: I have no idea too. This is my first encounter :S

akaneko: Yeah. It was not supposed to happen or maybe they changed their system?

WTJ: The last earning I had have always been the same for more that 3 months. Last night I went and check, 'Eh? Sudah deducted T_T'

清逸: Haha. I don't know about how's the other advert company's pay lerr..