Thursday, March 12, 2009


Still remember that I got shortlisted and did the online test for a position in UBS, Hong Kong? No? Never mind, the links are there.

After 4 working days, having no news from their side (whether or not I passed the test), I decided to give a shot. After the mail was sent, the lady from the end gave me a prompt reply.

The first line caught my attention which read

‘Please confirm your availability for your first phone interview during this time.’

I wasn’t dreaming!

Congratulations to me!

Though she never mentioned specifically whether or not I passed the test, in order for you to proceed for the first phone interview, you have to pass the test.

Which means what? I passed the test!

My very first phone interview with this organisation would be next Monday!

Few more steps for me to grasp this position.

Wish me best of luck!

p/s: Share some phone interview tips, ya?

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