Sunday, March 22, 2009

1 Died, 1 Injured

It happened in a secondary school where two security guards were attacked. The reason of this incident seems vague. One was killed while the other one survived after being thrown out of 3-floor building. That was how the killer being recognised and reported.

She heard her own name from the radio in the car together with her friends; became wanted, and intended to surrender. BUT it hit her that she did not kill anybody in school and claimed that it just happened within her dream when she fell asleep in the car. How could something happen in a dream could be real in a real world?

Did I just mention ‘real world’?

Well, in the real world, I am a good student. I only kill insects, not human.

Above story happened within a dream in a dream of mine last night.

Sounds complicated?

I know.

But do you know that today is World Water Day

It is held on 22nd March (today) annually and the theme for this year is Shared Water – Shared Opportunities.

Therefore, Happy World Water Day! Party

p/s: Do not drink water, ya?

[edit] I just found out that there will be events for World Water Day in Miri from 11th-12th April.

How about Kuching?! So much for being the capital city of Sarawak, huh?


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Johnny Ong said...

world water doesnt mean cannot use water ma ...... haha

Fumoffu said...

Haha. Well, it was meant to be a joke only. If someone really did it, omg? Nah, there would not be someone who is severely ignorant like me :(