Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Layout


I’m done with changing my new layout. I spent more than two hours to sort things perfectly in my blog. And gosh! It is already 4.35AM! Better go to sleep now –__-

[edit] Why did you spend so much time on changing your blog layout?

Forget about the html and stuff. I wasted my time on searching the right layout for my blog. I love dark colours but I had enough of it. Since this is more to like a personal blog [and not something like photography blog or food blog or travel blog] of mine, I seek a layout that practically reflects my current life.

See the image on the left? It does not come with the template. I had to edit it with Photoshop application and upload in a website and linked in to this template. Troublesome may it seems to be but nah, it is very simple so I did not spend most of my time there. What ate most of my precious sleeping time was html and stuff –__- Though I have already improved in using and editing them, still there are new things for me to learn and discover myself. You see, when I was doing this whole changing-my-blog-layout-thing, I did it myself and depend on myself [of course Google has been very helpful lol].

Nevertheless, I am pretty much satisfied with my work :D

Next work: Discover the widget for Twitter [if you think you can help me on where to find or insert the widget for Twitter, please, tell me! :D] and maybe my new banner?

[edit-edit] Finally I am done with this page! Banzai! If you have noticed, there is a button ‘Blog List’ on the top. Yeap, that’s the page where I store all the the blogs that I frequent =)

Why aren’t you make a link list at the sidebar instead of making a new blog for it?

You see, I change my blog layout frequently [but I do stay with one if I really love it – maybe the current layout?] and when it comes to html and stuff, I sux to the max! Once you changed your blog layout to a new one, all your current applications and stuff will most probably be gone [I know there is a way to maintain it but I sux lmao]. I do not really like to give myself a lot of troubles [still I want to change my blog layout!] so I thought of this way. Ain’t I smart? I know. I am so full of myself now and doing this ain’t a big idea as well whatever –__-

Am going to improve my blog layout. Stay tune xD


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WayeYoung said...

the new layout looks really good!


Fumoffu said...

Thanks. Hehe. Looks like my efforts really paid off well :D :D