Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Palace is the name of the place that I stayed for the first two months in Shanghai. Not the real palace ‘palace’. I remember I Plurk-ed or updated my status in Facebook that I am so gonna miss my mom’s home cook.

IMG_3177In that week, I was fed really well. Four meals per day! She used the kitchen like everyday! I am pretty sure my housemates, Meg and Dan, miss her cooking as well.


IMG_3174Imagine to see those (above) first thing in the morning. How wonderful it would be to have breakfast prepared for you every morning.


To be honest, I was really happy and delighted! It felt so homely! Urghh… I really miss my mom’s cooking now! Had a chat with her over MSN and she told me that she may come over to Shanghai again to cook for me. Only when there’s cheaper flight tickets.

AirAsia, I put my trust in you on this matter!


kenwooi said...

haha.. mum's food the best =)


Mike Yip said...

waseh ... so lucky