Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy Monday

It was the busiest Monday that I ever had ever since I finished my life as a student.

I had to wake up at 7.00AM!

After sending nine people from China to the airport, I accompanied my mom to the city. Wait, nine China people? Yes! But they are not working for me. Long story short, we were just helping out a friend (of my mother). That’s all.

But I guess, there are more families that are going to break apart. Sigh.

IMG_1838Anyway, we went to get a new phone for me-self after. Why did I change my phone? Let me tell you one thing: don’t go buy Nokia 6500 Classic. Well, it’s a limited edition so, I guess you won’t see it soon. Okay, there’s a story behind of why I’m getting a new phone.

This Nokia 6500 Classic of mine, its material is very unique. It’s more like it is made of steel. I went to China. I went to Australia. In both places, my phone’s battery died on me even before a day has gone! Usually it can last for two or more days! –_-

Unique case, I know.

IMG_1839Did some groceries shopping and while my mom was paying, I went to buy some hair bands and pins :)

Later, we drove to Maybank: one, to change my normal Maybank ATM card to the above one; two, to update my mom’s passbooks.

For the whole afternoon, I was trying to move my contacts from my old mobile phone to the new one. It surely was hard and most of my important contact numbers were lost. I wonder how it happened.

But it was solved.

First time using a Sony Erricsson mobile phone.

Hope it won’t disappoint me…

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