Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fumo Update #02

Finally I’m done with this Moonlight Resonance!


Fights and conflicts happened from Episode 01 till the end, which is Episode 40. Salute the casts weii.. I wonder if they occasionally had sore throats when casting for this series. Still, I love how this series portrays the family issues and that blood is definitely thicker than water.

Also, I’m done with Gossip Girl Season 2 as well =)


I like Chuck Bass a lot. He is so sweet yet, so cool :) Nate? Woah, I was wondering, or more like frustrated, as to how can a guy be with different girls after each break-up that fast?! It’s like a cycle! Blair-Serena-Vanessa-Jenny-Vanessa. He’s hooked up with all the female casts! Exception to Mrs. Bass, of course. He’s hot, no doubt but I like Chuck more :D

And currently, I’m watching a Japanese series, Team Medical Dragon.


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