Monday, July 6, 2009

Brisbane: Day 15

Another lazy day with no plan planned for the day. We were worn out at the Movie World the previous day therefore, we made no effort to come up with a plan for the day.

IMG_0548Hungry Jack’s for our brunch. This reminded me of having a conversation with a salesman when I was sitting on a bench, enjoying Jacker’s ice-cream and the boyfriend was looking at the shoes in a shop. The conversation went out fine until the salesman asked ‘How much is that’ with a stronger Australian accent :S

I was fortunate to have my boyfie there :'(


We will be heading to Sunshine Coast the day after the next day and guess what? Summer is joining us. Since she will be staying over at our place the next day for a night, we planned to hold another steamboat for dinner! Therefore, we went for a grocery shopping to buy those vegetables: one, for making an amazing soup for steamboat. two, for steamboat!

Another round of steamboat less than 3 days, huh? lol


wayeyoung said...

Hungry Jacks. always wanted to try that :(

renaye said...

i have not eaten steamboat for almost a year now!

Fumoffu said...

young: It's similar to our Burger King :D

renaye: A year? That's really long! said...

ooh.. we dont have that in msia..
smth like burger king? =)

Fumoffu said...

Urmmm.. that's what my boyfie said larr.. lol!