Friday, May 1, 2009


[edit] Guess what? I wasn’t sick during the vacation and now I am sick back home. Caught a flu. Definitely not the infamous Swine Flu lol It has always been like this. Every time I am back to my hometown (for semester breaks), I am always sick. Craving for mom’s care? lol [edit]

I was back home yesterday afternoon. Been taking flights for three consecutive days; China to KL, KL to Sibu then Sibu to Kuching. I feel like I am one of those artistes, busy catching up flights for concerts, events, etc.

And heck, my mailboxes are spammed with lotsa mails and not even one of them is what I have been very looking forward to!

A lot of catching up to do from today onwards as well; my friends’ blogs, of course :)

Also, vacation in China posts up next

Need to get more rest.

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