Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Movie Review: Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious is back with New Model, Original Parts.

FF4 (00)

I know, I know. This movie had been going on for quite some time already and I only got to watch now. In fact, I had not been catching up with new movies. Now you can tell how sad and pathetic my life is.

FF4 (01)

I am aware that watching Action movies in the cinemas is definitely never a wrong choice – with great sound system and wide screen provided you get the right seats lol However, watching at home is not a bad idea after all. You can always stop and re-play whichever scenes you find interesting and exciting. For example, the scene above especially when part of the truck was on fire, heading to their car (kakkoiii!!!)

FF4 (02) Cool cars always come with hot chicks, no? I wonder if we could have such cars here. Then we can have a race with the police’s new cars here?

FF4 (03) The car racing scenes was undeniable kakkoi :D Are these for real? I mean, do people race this way as well?

FF4 (06)

It’s about love, hatred, revenge. When there’s love, there’s hatred. When there’s hatred, there’s revenge. And it’s about friendship, betrayal and enemies. When there’s friendship, there’s betrayal. When there’s betrayal, there are enemies.

FF4 (04)

Will you still put milk and cookies outfit as Santa Claus?

Alright, here comes the funny part. No, not about the movie but me. I sort of mixed up the casts from Speed Racers with the casts over here. No, not those main leads but the antagonists. I was very looking forward to Rain’s appearance! In fact, until somewhere near the end of this movie (to be exact, the scene shown in the picture above) only I realised I had the wrong idea, about Rain IN this movie –_-

I know, both are TOTALLY different and I’m guilty. To the psycho fans of Fast & Furious, I’m sorry.

Also, there is one thing I realised:

Dominic (01)Letty (01)

Their  loving on-screen couple, Dominic and Letty.


My off-screen loving couple, Dominic and Letty. Ignore the guy in green. He is engaged xD

Personal rating: 4/5


Anonymous said...

well.. i find this movie quite.. normal.. not as interesting and exciting as the previous ones.. haha..

and ignore the guy in green? got any guy in green meh? lol..

Fumoffu said...

Well, it is still a cool movie after all XD

The guy who is wearing a green shirt? Or dark green? lol!