Monday, May 25, 2009

We’re Hiring: Maid Wanted

My mom and I were having this conversation, ‘hiring a maid’, on our way for my grandpapa’s be-early birthday dinner.

Housework just can’t stop! Especially when my brother start attending classes in college. Well, fortunately, I am already back here for good. But what will happen to her when I start working?

She desperately needs a maid — her leg (from the accident) has not fully recovered yet.

Nevertheless, we have a problem here. Not financial problem but accommodation (!!!).

Seriously, we do not have an extra room for this maid. And no, I am not going to sleep with a maid ever again. I did but it was seven years ago.

We had a little brainstorming session in the car, thinking where we can get a place for the maid to sleep, and we came up with a few…

My mom:


Idea #01: A mattress with a pillow and blanket – sleep under this large table. [Add-on by me] Since my dad has a habit of smoking inside the house (at night), maybe we can use a big cloth to cover around the table?

DSCN6279Idea #02: A mattress with a pillow and blanket – sleep on the kitchen floor.



Idea #03: Buy a tent – sleep outside. This corner is situated between my baby brother’s room and the kitchen.

DSCN6280 Idea #04: In order to save money (not sure if a tent is costly), instead of buying a tent, we can make one! =D

So, the question is, which is the best idea?

You choose =D


Iriene said...

Wow, combined long table like that is good for buffet party...
for maid, I'm not surelah! I think you have to ask her personally what will be her choices. Maybe shld start a polling =D I just click an ads on ur blog.

square said...

why not hire some maids that comes to your house daily? or 3-5 times a week?

Fumoffu said...

Iriene: Hehe. That long table is where my mom does her work everyday. She is a part-time tailor =) Thanks for clicking an ads on my blog :D

square: Good idea. Will tell my mom that and see if we can find such maid :D

Wai Chung said...

Yea lo, try the hour maid. My house used to have that. Rm 50 for 5 hours. One time per week. =D

Fumoffu said...

RM50 for 5 hours? Meaning RM10 per hour?

Vincent said...

Kesian weh ask her sleep in all those places.. At least give her a room, a small one also tak per. She's still human n needs some privacy. If you don't have a room to spare then yeah, hire an hourly maid.

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, that may be the last option -- hire hourly maid :D said...

haha.. maybe.. your room? =P

Fumoffu said...

Duwan T_T