Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Redang Island: Day 1

It was finally the moment that, I personally believe, everyone had been waiting for. The excursion to Redang Island was finally here. However, we ain’t getting there by flight or bus. We drove to Kuala Terengganu!


Yeah, all 15 of us in 6 cars drove to Kuala Terengganu together. It was not an easy journey as the road is not as wide as North-South Highway and it was really dark. Plus, the boyfriend were not able to take a nap after work at all. Though we made a few stops, we managed to reach our destination by six in the morning. Unfortunately, we did not encounter any wild elephants crossing the road. I was hoping for that to happen!


After we had our breakfast at a restaurant, we proceeded to the jetty. It was not difficult to find the place but due to a lot of one-way streets, it was not easy either. Fortunately, I brought along a GPS with us so we managed to find our way there.


It was about one and a half hour ride from the jetty to the island. We checked-in before proceeded to have our lunch at the canteen. The gents later had a short game of beach volleyball before all of us went back to our own rooms to rest and getting prepared for our first snorkeling session at Pulau Paku Besar.


The resort really spoiled us. After we came back from our snorkeling session, there was an hour tea break awaiting us. One and a half hour after tea break, there was dinner. We decided to take a walk along the beach to digest the food we took from tea break to prepare ourselves better for dinner later.


We passed by a lot of other resorts on Redang Island. There were more people on the other side compared to where our resort located. Also, we went to check out the famous More More Tea Inn, the famous spot where a Hong Kong film, Summer Holiday, was set. However, the place is currently a gift shop that offers a variety of souvenir items. We took a lot of photos before headed back to the resort for dinner.

The boyfriend and I ended the day really early. We were knackered so we went to sleep right after dinner while the remaining ones chillaxed at a bar nearby with drinks and snacks. Of course we made it up to everyone the next night.

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