Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Redang Island: Day 3

It was finally our last day on Redang Island, which none of us was looking forward to. Our days on the island passed by so fast that we were not prepared to face our last day together on this island.


From being strangers to acquaintances and now we are friends. To be honest, I am really happy that my boyfriend met them but at the same time, I am unhappy that I have to divide his time. However, I managed to get to know the partners of his friends so at least I can spend my time with the ladies while he go and spend his time with the gents.


Oh, and guess what? The guys made some new friends and this new friend has now joined their club as well. I guess people with the same interests will never be able to run away from each other.


We had our lunch before we left Kuala Terengganu. Since it is a daytime, the number of vehicles on the roads are more compared to when we were driving in the middle of the night. Therefore, it took us longer hours to drive back to Penang Island.


We stopped by Temenggor Lake before we continued our journey to Gerik to have our dinner while watching Olympics’ final match. Of course we were cheering for our Dato’ Lee Chong Wei and thanks to that we forgot our hunger. We waited for our food for more than an hour.

It was about 9-plus when we decided to continue our journey after we had finished our dinner. The boyfriend and I got home about 11pm. He told me that this trip was indeed a three-full-day trip.

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