Friday, July 2, 2010

World Expo 2010: Site B

South East Asian country pavilions are all on Site B. And when I reached this site, which I thought it would not be as crowded as Site A, I saw this!


This massive huge long terrible horrible queue! It’s like they were attending a concert or something. But guess which pavilion they queuing up for?

IMG_6382Australia Pavilion

No doubt it is one of the most popular countries among the Chinese, Australia. It is worth a look as the Australians have been very enthusiastic about the expo. To my friends in Australia, how do you like it? The Chinese translation for Australia is aodaliya (澳大利亚) instead of aozhou (澳洲). Also, it is yinggelan (英格兰) instead of yingguo (英国) for England.


IMG_6383Thailand Pavilion

I did not get to see the green mascot, Tai, people were talking about. Maybe you should check it out for me.

IMG_6394 Singapore Pavilion

What is this? you must be asking. Apparently, it’s a music box shaped building with those thorns penetrating the wall. Interesting, eh? There’s a garden on top and a fountain inside the pavilion.

IMG_6397 Malaysia Pavilion

Obviously you could tell which country owns this pavilion. No doubt it is a Malaysia Pavilion. Beautiful, I know but, it is not showing the world what our country is capable of. It is like telling the world that we are traditional and we will always be. They should be more creative and come up with something cool and imaginative like what the other countries did. Anyway, at least I heard positive feedbacks from the people. Or maybe they were saying it not to piss me off.

IMG_6399Indonesia (left) and Brunei (right) Pavilions

IMG_6402New Zealand Pavilion

You would be amazed by this pavilion as it was reported that the team in charge of special effects of the breathtaking sceneries’ pictures are the ones behind Lord of the Rings. Now you know what you should not missed and you know what to do: queue! Oh, New Zealand is xinxilan (新西兰) in Chinese.

And crap, I realised I missed Philippines and Cambodia Pavilions :(

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