Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Expo 2010: Site C

Initially, I planned a three-day World Expo tour but, due to legality status which I would get into detail about it in the future, I only had one-day World Expo tour. In fact, it took me around 6 hours to finish 5 sites with just sightseeing and walking. No queuing or whatsoever.

Site C consists of North & South American pavilions as well as European countries pavilions. Hope I am not getting this wrong. This site is considered as the most crowded site.

IMG_6273USA Pavilion

I have a friend working inside this pavilion and was hoping he could get me in through VIP lane. However, I could not reach him as he was busy and so, I left the place. However, it was said that the USA almost was not able to come due to financial problems. Therefore, it will be great to have a look.

IMG_6276Brazil Pavilion

IMG_6283Mexico Pavilion.

You have to queue to enter this kite forest.

IMG_6287 Canada Pavilion

They said you can see Cirque du Soleil who’s fantastic. No idea who that is as I did not enter the pavilion.

IMG_6286 Chile Pavilion

They said it’s a well inside. You should check it out, perhaps?

IMG_6291 Venezuela Pavilion

IMG_6292 Cuba Pavilion

IMG_6319 Russia Pavilion

One of the beautiful pavilions (imho). Don’t forget to check out Romania Pavilion. I think I missed it.

IMG_6320 Luxembourg Pavilion

IMG_6322 Italy Pavilion

If you were able to look carefully, the building was made of transparent concrete! Awesome, ya?

IMG_6323 United Kingdom Pavilion

No doubt, this is the most beautiful, creative and unique pavilion. However, it is a disappointment in the inside or so I heard.

IMG_6326 Netherlands Pavilion

This pavilion looks interesting, alright. However, there is nothing much you could do other than walking around.

IMG_6330 Germany Pavilion

This pavilion is one of my students’ favourite. They said there are a lot of interactive exhibits and that you must beware of pickpockets who may steal your wallet or camera or both.

IMG_6331France Pavilion

They hold large scale weddings for free. Anyone interested?

IMG_6333 Switzerland Pavilion

It’s cable cars are its main attraction.

IMG_6334 Poland Pavilion

IMG_6344 Spain Pavilion

People said it is a must see so, remember to join the queue here. It won’t be short so be well-prepared.

IMG_6350 Serbia Pavilion

IMG_6358 Latvia Pavilion

This pavilion was officially opened last year and if you are into sky-diving, this is a place for you as they provide such entertainment to people.

IMG_6361 Finland Pavilion

It was said that the services and exhibits are all first rated as the northern Europeans do not lack funds. Worth the queue, I guess.

IMG_6365Denmark Pavilion

There are 500 bikes provided for you to take a ride. It’s interesting though so, no harm queuing.

I know there should be more pavilions in site C to see but you see, some pavilions are still under construction. By right, August-September would be the perfect months to go for the expo.

Why not July-August?

It’s China’s summer break and you should know the scale of China’s population, don’t you? And Shanghai, itself, is already very populated. It’s going to be horrible; the place, the queue.


TOLANIC said...

Where's Malaysia Pavi?

jfook said...

I think UK one is good.Chile and CUba one look so simple.

Fumoffu said...

Tolanic: Coming up! :)

jfook: Yeah, it's really good but it's not worth to queue unless the queue is short.