Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shanghai Century Park

It was a different Sunday two weeks ago. Jamie and I made a plan to meet up and had a lunch together. When I was waiting for her, I was at this floor in the shopping mall where different stalls representing different brands were selling watches. When I was at Silvot et Titus’ booth, I saw a model that was exactly the same with the one I bought for his birthday.

I would never forget the look of that watch and never would I thought I would be able to see it again.


After lunch, we decided to join some other people at Century Park. It was my first time to be at the park and surprisingly, it is a beautiful place. Hopefully will be back there again for a picnic or something.

IMG_6026IMG_6027IMG_6028IMG_6029IMG_6031 IMG_6032All these views reminded me of Botanic Garden though it didn’t feel the same.

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