Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Night of Mayhem@Mine

Okay, when was this party? Ahh, it was back in May 21st when my two new French housemates wanted to organise a housewarming party.


Arthur, the guy in black ‘I love NY’ tee, was one of my housemates. Yeah, was, because he’s gone now. He only stayed in Shanghai for a month. He left a week or two after this party lol!


And we have Alex, the only guy with specs in the picture above. He’s working for World EXPO 2010. Not at the site, but the office.


Terry and Eidy, my ex-colleagues, came for the party as well. It was good to see them again.

IMG_5812What surprised me the most was the first three people from the left in the picture above came. I thought would not able to make it.


Same went to these group who came after sake bombing. I thought they would be too tired to drop by.


That night was legendary. There was another house party just a floor below us. We sort of swap guests. Therefore, the people from two pictures above are the guests from the other party. Of course we went to crash the party a floor below us and the party was as crowded as the mine.


Unfortunately, the police came to shut the parties down earlier than we thought. I didn’t see them but one of my housemates said they came around midnight. Also, an argument broke out between my housemate and my colleague.

Terrible situation, huh? I didn’t know what was going on, until the next day when my housemate told me.

But anyway, that night, I was supposed to end up in a club with my ex-housemate, Vivi. I followed her into a cab to Muse and once we got into a club, typical me, I went to look for the washroom. We then went out of the club; Vivi was waiting for her new friend to come. However, in my case, before I knew it, I said goodbye to her and cab-ed home.

Yeah, baby, I went to a club to use its toilet and went back home after to sleep like a baby.

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