Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Italian Noon, Kees’ Farewell & Jeff’s Rooftop Birthday Party

Two Saturdays ago had been a busy one. Though I did not have a heavy night the night before that Saturday, I was knackered and I missed my alarm. Fortunately, Lin’s phone call woke me up. That afternoon, we had an Italian Noon at Szu’s.

She went to Italy for the past ten days and brought back loads of food. Good cheese, yum! I’m going to miss her cooking when I’m back in Malaysia, damnit!


Later that evening, I had a farewell dinner to go to. It was Kee’s farewell dinner. The first time we met was 8 months ago at Windows Scoreboard when he just landed Shanghai and 8 months just passed like *fingers snapped*. In Shanghai, people come and go. I’d attended and went to numerous farewell dinners and parties for the past 10 months in Shanghai. Anyway, let’s skip the sad part and go to the happy one.

After dinner, I headed to the next party: Jeff’s Rooftop Birthday Party. Trust me, that party was so cool! I am glad that I went though as I thought I would not be able to make it.


Not only we had people, drinks and music, we had fire performance by this pair of cute and hot dudes!


This is the cute one..

IMG_5972 ..and that’s the hot one. Christopher’s look-alike.


The police came to shut the party down though. He tried to stop the fire performance too but he was boo-ed away by loads of us. That’s epic! But yeah, the party ended before midnight and most of us except for me, went to Logo.

Question, why didn’t I join them?

I had to teach the next day.


goingkookies said...

what do u teach and who do u teach?

Fumoffu said...

I'm teaching English here. Two classes though and the children age from 10-12 years old :)