Friday, June 11, 2010

Filip’s Farewell@No.88

Filip just left Shanghai yesterday. He’s probably now in Xi’an. He’s currently doing some travelling around Asia before heading back to Holland.

He had his farewell last Friday. We went to this restaurant that serves good Xinjiang food for dinner. There’s a dancing performance in the restaurant and guess what? I was invited by the male dancer to join him on the dance floor. It was a shock of my life as I did not see it coming!

IMG_6045 After dinner, we went to No.88 and nope, I don’t like the place though. The music was alright, the crowd was good but I dislike the fact that there’s no proper good and big dance floor.


Richy has bad music but you can’t deny that the dance floor is awesome. And bonus for guys, if you want to get laid, go to Richy!


Unfortunately for girls, you may not like it there as there are a lot of Chinese perverts. I’d met a few and have not been there for 6 months now.

Would most probably go Richy again, at least once before I leave Shanghai.

Anyway, as usual, you will not have just one party for a day. I had to leave earlier to join my Chinese colleagues at a house party but unfortunate for me, they told me they weren’t coming when I was already at the party. However, though I was not being very sociable, at least I met two nice people; a German girl and an American dude.

Also, that was the night when I posted this entry on my blog. An interesting Friday night, indeed.

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