Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday Night with Cheese and Wines

It was last Saturday when we had another get together at Joey’s and Linda’s place to enjoy cheese and wine together. I don’t fancy cheese but there’s no harm in trying them out, no?

IMG_6051 Table setting

IMG_6052 I think I am in love with baggette now

IMG_6054 Dutch cheese

IMG_6055 Swiss cheese

IMG_6056I don’t fancy blue cheese but the other two rings of cheese were awesome too.

IMG_6057 Wines


And the mess


I didn’t want to drink as I had to teach the next day but I couldn’t get away with the fact that I am leaving Shanghai soon and I have to drink. Drank different types of wine hurt my head but fortunately, I drank loads of water before I hit the sack.

No hangover the next day. Awesome!

I really had a great time though I called it a day quite early. I would definitely miss this random get-together *emo*

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