Monday, June 28, 2010

The Insight of World Expo 2010

During my last few days in Shanghai, I had been pondering whether to take an excursion to places around Shanghai for instance, Zhangjiagang (张家港) or Suzhou (苏州), or to this world ranking number two event, World Expo. It took me quite a while to come to the best decision: World Expo. It’s overrated but since this world event is held in Shanghai and I was in Shanghai, it’s a shame if I did not go, innit? Plus, World Expo will be there for 6 months but Zhangjiagang and Suzhou will be there forever. And therefore, World Expo it is.

Five sites on two different districts in one day.

Before I share my walkthrough in this world event, I would like you to know a few things.

First, I am sure you are aware of Shanghai’s population and with this world event, no doubt Shanghai is super packed with a species: homo sapiens. Unfortunately, it was a public holiday on the day I went. Worst. Everywhere I went, especially the sites in Pudong, I would mostly see people mountain, people sea. Horrible, man.



Consequently, the next thing you would see: horrible queues were literally everywhere! I am amazed with those people who were willing to queue for at least 1 hour and up to 3 hours just to get into a pavilion.

IMG_6366 Denmark Pavilion’s queue

IMG_6377 Australia Pavilion’s queue; like going for a concert

IMG_6445Taiwan Pavilion’s queue if I am not mistaken

If you were like me, couldn’t be arsed to join the queue but just to look at the buildings, then you should use this elevated sightseeing passageway.


Awesome, innit? Also, if you want to be entertained, do look out for sleeping Chinese. They could be found everywhere as well. You would be amazed by how ignorant these people could be to sleep in the public in this world event!


Till then, look out for my next post on World Expo 2010: Site C.

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