Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shanghai Qibao

After a walking tour in Xujiahui on previous morning, I was more motivated to get into a tourist mode and headed to Qibao which is located in Minhang District. Qibao literally means ‘Seven Treasures.’ I remember I heard of this place from Adrian when he first came to Shanghai way back in January. He didn’t go as it is too far from town.


Today, Qibao is overrun with Chinese visitors but is also littered with traditional, historic architecture with busy alleyways and cut by picturesque canal. Qibao also gets you out of the centre of Shanghai which brings you closer to the feel of rural China.


Though the best strategy is to just wander the streets, the place was too crowded that I could not be arsed about it. Instead, I walked straight to the main attractions.


First was Cotton Textile Mill Museum



..enjoyed picturesque canal and headed to Shadow Puppet Museum..


..and then Zhou’s Miniature Carving House.


Before I headed home, I dropped by at the pawn shop.

Qibao reminds me of Wuzhen but I enjoyed Wuzhen more. It’s really crowded in Qibao. It was Sunday and people were supposed to work. Anyway, if you had been to Wuzhen, there’s no point for you to go Qibao anymore so, yeah, go to Wuzhen!

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