Monday, June 7, 2010

Mexican Night

Two weekends ago was a pretty happening weekend. Let’s start with Friday..

It was another Mexican night two Fridays ago at Yves’. I was really looking forward to it as it was another night where we got to have good and nice food with drinks together. Well, I didn’t drink that night. Not until the moment before we left to join the others at KTV. Let’s come back to this later, shall we?

IMG_5857After work, we went to Carrefour nearby to Yves’ to get what we needed; food, drinks, snacks, etc. And after a long hour of work, here we are:

IMG_5863Our dinner for the night. Trust me, it was really good. I wish we could do it another time. I can’t believe I’m leaving Shanghai soon!


I had two and half of this. It was so good!

That night was good. It wasn’t a heavy one. All we did was chillaxing and hanging out. Lovin’ it! And have I mentioned that I didn’t drink at all until the moment we left the house to join the others at KTV?

Since it wouldn’t be fun at the KTV if you were not intoxicated, I got myself a glass of vodka lemonade; vodka that accumulated more than half of the glass.

Unfortunately, it didn’t get me.


That’s what happened in the KTV. Both Calvin and Joe were knocked out. You wouldn’t want to know what they had. There were more drinks on the table. I wasn’t in the mood to get fucked though so, I was being sober the whole night.

Being sober until four in the morning and turned in around five. That’s how I ended my Friday and that’s not the end of my weekend. There are more to come..


And interesting finding at KTV: LMFAO

Laugh My Fucking Ass off

Lovin’ it!

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