Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poker Face

It was last Thursday when I had a poker night as well as a Dutch dinner at one of the interns’ house. We were talking about it the night before on Linda’s birthday dinner. I had made a plan with my housemates to have dinner and therefore, by the time I reached the place, the food was all gone. Only drinks and drunkards were left there.

IMG_5783It was a shame that I did not know how to play poker. However, I was learning the  game with Linda from Calvin. It was educating but at the same time, confusing. I guess one could learn the game way faster if one is in the game too.

IMG_5784On a side note, something drew my attention that night and i just had to take a picture of it. To be honest, I know I had seen something similar to the object shown in the picture above. It’s red in my mind but I just could not remember where I had seen it before.

Oh well, it’s definitely somewhere in my mind though it’s vague.

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Lean said...

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