Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Monday in Shanghai

It was finally the first day of break after a long week of working days in Shanghai. Well, not for me though since I had already resigned on Thursday and didn’t have to go to work from Friday to Sunday. However, I had to work that Monday, teaching, and that was my last day of teaching but, guess what?

I was fucking late for work!


I must have been overworked from those night outs I had that I overslept. My co-worker called me and I thought it was only 6-ish. To my horror, it was already 8.33am and my class was supposed to start at 8.30am. Damnit!


Fortunately I managed to make it for the second session of the class and thank goodness they did not deduct my pay like how my previous employer does. Those bastards.


Anyhow, it was a good time, to spend my last day of teaching with my students. I managed to get their addresses (Dang! I almost forgot about this!) so, I could send postcards to them.


Oh, did you notice those arts shown above? The girls drew them on the glass board when the boys did not pay attention in class. And as a farewell gift, I drew for them as well.


I taught two classes and these students are from my second class. They are the most naughty and outta control group. The girls love to draw the glass board while the boys would play with their gadgets such as mobile phones and PSP.


That night, since I would not be able to get a massive burger with a ridiculously good price in Malaysia, I decided to have one last big burger at Malone’s. I am going to miss this always especially when Mondays come.


After Malone’s, I headed to my ex-housemates’ place where they had this house party for me. They talked about this the week before and I felt horrible to forget about it totally until that Sunday evening. It was a good time though the night didn’t go as well as I thought it would be. Still, it’s worth the shit especially when I could see these two great and very important people before I left Shanghai. They are really worth the shit that happened which I could not be arsed.

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