Sunday, July 11, 2010

Super GT Championship Malaysia 2010

I was online surfing when Chris came into my room asking me if I wanted to watch a car race at Sepang. Since I had never been there, of course I said yes.

It was around three weeks ago when I first went to Sepang to witness a car race. It was not Formula1 but instead, it was GT Race, with cooler cars and hot Japanese chicks, the Race Queens. Okay, I’m straight. It was just fun to see those guys drooling over those girls whom they can see and only imagine shagging them.



The day we went was not the day of the main race and therefore, the place was not as packed as I imagined.


I may not be a person who fancy cars but trust me, I did enjoy though Chris was gone with his cousin for video recording and professional photo shooting of the event.




The race was entertaining though I did not understand how it work and boy, my ears sure hurt.


Now the fun part is here where girls could just stand back and watch how these guys surrounding hot Japanese chicks with cameras clicking away! Couldn’t see any hot chick in the picture? Of course! Those chicks were surrounded! Some dudes hesitated to put their arms around the girls while some were really aggressive to stop the girls to move away in order to capture pictures with them.

Click here to watch the video my friend, Chris, made.

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